Fire Investigation Services You Can Trust

When you need a fire scene examination and a detailed report, make sure that you get it from qualified experts. By doing so, you can be sure that you will get a complete and accurate record of the event. Turn to Faulkner Fire Investigations Inc for detailed fire examination and documentation. I am an expert in fire examinations, fire loss, and fire prevention with experience in firefighting operations.

Our Services Include:

  • Fire Scene Examination
  • Fire Loss Prevention
  • Fire Prevention Education

In addition to the services mentioned above, I do presentations related to fire investigations, fire loss, and fire prevention.

Qualified to Examine the Following Fire Scenes:

1. Residential Properties

Single Dwelling, Apartments, Condos, Mobile Homes

2. Commercial Buildings

Hog Barns, Chicken Barns, Restaurants, Grocery Stores, Office Spaces, Hotels

3. Vehicles

Cars, Motorcycles, Tractor Trailers

4. Farm Machinery

Combines, Grain Bins, Crop Dryers

5. Wildland

Railways, Bush Fires

6. Recreational Vehicles

ATVs, Marine Vehicles

7. Train

Shipping Containers, Modules

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